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Why save your baby’s cord blood with CordBank

      Why Buyanna saved her baby’s cord blood… “We decided to store our daughter’s cord blood as an insurance policy against the unexpected in life, and who knows it might even help us with science developing further!”   Learn why saving your baby’s cord blood could save your baby’s life  

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Banking my baby’s cord blood – Claire Sullivan

BY CLAIRE SULLIVAN Having published and edited some of the most influential lifestyle magazines both in New Zealand and in New York, it’s little wonder Claire has an excellent ability to create inspiring editorial content. As Denizen’s Editor-in-chief, she is firmly placed at New Zealand’s authority on the art of living well and is widely…

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Why I banked my baby’s cord blood

As a first time mother and parent, the overwhelming love and joy you have for your pending arrival swallows you with happiness – more than you can ever put into words. Your eager anticipation over the next nine months; that first flutter, the first kick, hearing your baby’s heart beat through the sonogram for the…

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Blood test to predict preterm birth?

  New results from a multicenter study show that proteins found in first-trimester blood samples may provide important clues about the risk of spontaneous preterm birth.    

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Keeping cord blood for the long term

Science shows that the odd of needing stem cells treatments increase with age. But how long do stored stem cells last? The answer is indefinitely. Cord blood stem cells don’t have an expiry date and the chance of needing to use them increases with age. According to Frances Verter,  the founder of the international independent…

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How does cord blood help autism?

In this interview, Dr Joanne Kurtzberg explains how cord blood is being used in a Stage 2 clinical trial for autism and her hopes for the future.  Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of Umbilical Cord Blood to Improve Outcomes for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Joanne Kurtzberg is an internationally renowned expert in pediatric…

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The secret to good parenting

Everyone knows that parenting matters. But which behaviours have the most impact when it comes to the success and happiness of children?  Author of the “Life Project”  Helen Pearson says the answer can be found in cohort studies, which monitored the lives of British people since 1946. The research showed that it comes down to…

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Behind the scenes at the CordBank lab

Behind the scenes at the CordBank lab To maintain security, our lab is a closed site – which means expectant parents and current clients aren’t able to see what goes on when their baby’s cord blood arrives. So we’ve created this short video to provide a behind the scenes look at the process followed on…

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