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The benefits of cord banking

Why Save Cord Blood?


A perfect match

Cord blood stem cells are the most powerful stem cells, they are the youngest and not damaged by the aging process1 and they are an exact match – which means they are a perfect match and won’t be rejected by your child’s system when they’re used in medical treatment.

There when
you need them

Children who have access to their own cord blood for treatment can take advantage of therapies that cannot be carried out with sibling or unrelated cord blood.  There is no guarantee that a suitable match will be available in a public cord blood bank registry.


Time-tested life saver

Cord blood is used for stem cell transplants, and you or anyone else in your family has lifetime odds of 1 in 200 of having a stem cell transplant.6 On top of that, the odds are 1 in 500 that your child may have cerebral palsy7 or type 1 diabetes,8 both of which are being treated with cord blood in clinical trials.


The next big medical advance

Cord blood transplants have been saving lives since 1988 when the first cord blood transplant took place in France, for a child with Fanconi’s anemia.2 In 1991, a transplant was performed in the United States on a child with chronic myelogenous leukemia.  Since then it has been used in over 40,000 transplants for numerous childhood conditions.9

The next big medical advance

Newer therapies, using cord blood in clinical trials include cerebral palsy,10 type 1 diabetes and brain injury. Current research shows that your own cord blood may play a part in the treatment of many other diseases and degenerative conditions including:

  • Spinal cord injury 11
  • Heart disease 12
  • Stroke 13
  • Multiple sclerosis 14, 15
  • Liver disease 16
  • Parkinson’s disease 17


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