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CordBank » Learn more about why you should save your baby’s cord blood stem cells

Get the facts you need about saving your baby’s cord blood with CordBank

Learn why these stem cells are so powerful, how they’re used today and why birth is your only chance to save them for your child’s future.


Saving lives simply


Cord blood stem cells are a perfect match for your child, they are the youngest and not damaged by the aging process.


Cord blood stem cells are a time-tested life saver, ever since the first cord blood transplant in 1988.2


It’s the next big medical advance. Current research shows that your own cord blood may play a part in the treatment of many diseases and degenerative conditions.5

Born here. Stored here.

NZ’s only CordBank

Since 2002, thousands of Kiwi parents have chosen CordBank to look after their baby’s precious cord blood stem cells resources.

Now, nearly twenty years later, cordBank is still the best – and only – cord bank licensed by Medsafe to store cord blood right here in New Zealand.

By saving cord blood you give your child the chance to survive many illnesses and conditions – now and into adulthood.


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