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What happens at your baby’s birth?

Cord Blood Collection



Your Collection Kit

You will already have your cord blood collection kit, which includes everything you and your midwife or doctor will need for the collection. The kit is sent to you after you have registered with us. Remember to take your cord blood collection kit with you when you go into hospital.


Painless, 5-minute process

The collection process is simple and painless for both you and your baby and happens straight after you’ve given birth. Your doctor or midwife draws the cord blood from the umbilical cord right into the collection bag. It takes no more than 3-5 minutes.




Notify CordBank

Once your baby’s cord blood has been collected by your midwife or doctor it’s time to call our specified courier company Urgent Couriers on 0508 2687437.  They are contracted by CordBank to bring your baby’s cord blood to our state-of-the-art processing and storage facility.


we store your baby’s cord blood

Once you have called the couriers to collect your cord blood kit our staff are notified to expect your baby’s cord blood at our laboratory for storage. The cost of the courier is included in your CordBank registration fee.



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