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How It Works

Register Before your baby is born


Your Plan

Choose your preferred payment option and complete the registration process.


Receive your CordBank
Collection Kit

You’ll receive your CordBank cord blood collection kit within 3 days of registering with us. It includes all of the sterile medical equipment your midwife or doctor needs to collect your baby’s cord blood at their birth.


Take your CordBank Collection Kit to your delivery

Your baby’s umbilical cord blood is collected at birth by your LMC.


Call the dedicated courier number

Your partner calls the dedicated courier service for pick up within 90 minutes (available 24/7) to deliver your baby’s cord blood to CordBank in Auckland, New Zealand for it to be processed and stored at CordBank.



We’ll call you to let you know the cord blood has arrived safely. Let us know your baby’s name so we can issue a storage certificate for you.


(Phone) 0800 CORDBANK or +64 9 302 9511 · (Email) [email protected]
PO Box 68757, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141
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