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New cord blood trial for spinal injury

New cord blood trial for spinal injury    A clinical trial, using cord blood, lithium and physical therapy to treat the most severe forms of spinal cord injury has been given the green light from the FDA. The experimental treatment does not cure paralysis but is the first to help people with complete chronic spinal…

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Why save your baby’s cord blood with CordBank

      Why Buyanna saved her baby’s cord blood… “We decided to store our daughter’s cord blood as an insurance policy against the unexpected in life, and who knows it might even help us with science developing further!”   Learn why saving your baby’s cord blood could save your baby’s life  

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Sibling cord blood to the rescue

Sibling cord blood to the rescue    Although Leyla’s brain injury was diagnosed before she was born, no-one told her parents about cord blood banking. But when her baby sister Ela was born in 2018, they not only collected her cord blood but also enrolled in a new trial at Duke University Medical Centre –…

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CordBank stores your baby’s cord blood in Auckland, New Zealand

Behind the scenes at the CordBank lab CordBank stores your baby’s cord blood in Auckland, New Zealand. We’re licensed by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and operate under the most stringent level of quality applied to cord blood banks globally. To maintain security, our lab is a closed site – which means we can’t…

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Banking my baby’s cord blood – Claire Sullivan

BY CLAIRE SULLIVAN Having published and edited some of the most influential lifestyle magazines both in New Zealand and in New York, it’s little wonder Claire has an excellent ability to create inspiring editorial content. As Denizen’s Editor-in-chief, she is firmly placed at New Zealand’s authority on the art of living well and is widely…

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Hoping for a life time free of limitations

                As a toddler, Samantha was found face-down in a swimming pool, and she nearly died. Carrie and her husband, Steven, knew Samantha had brain damage, and that meant a lifetime of limitations. Now she’s 5 and is taking part in a study that could change her future. …

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Expectant parents in NZ need to know more about cord blood benefits

Expectant parents need to know more about cord blood benefits. The founder of an international website dedicated to cord blood awareness has called for more education amongst expectant parents about cord blood banking, and launched a new information brochure to help spread knowledge. “I want all women to understand why cord blood must be preserved…

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