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CordBank stores your baby’s cord blood in Auckland, New Zealand

Behind the scenes at the CordBank lab

CordBank stores your baby’s cord blood in Auckland, New Zealand. We’re licensed by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and operate under the most stringent level of quality applied to cord blood banks globally. To maintain security, our lab is a closed site – which means we can’t offer a live tour but the video below gives you a behind the scenes look at the process followed on site at our purpose built Auckland lab.

Established in 2002 to give families the chance to bank their baby’s cord blood stem cells for future medical use, we’re still the only licensed family cord blood bank in New Zealand. Because banking your child’s cord blood is a significant decision you need to know your cord blood will be close at hand in New Zealand when you need it – and cared for by a company that’s been serving local families for almost 20 years.


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