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Stem cell therapy now available for pets

A new stem cell treatment costing around AU$2,500 is now available for pets. The treatment involves new cells being placed into damaged tissue to treat disease or injury.

Injured and arthritic dogs are undergoing stem cell treatment for the first time at two separate vet clinics in Mundaring and Champion Lakes in Western Australia.

The procedure involves harvesting stem cells from the animal’s fatty tissue and activating them utilising LED light technology, to heal degenerative joint conditions.

The stem cell therapy, which takes place in a day, means that pets suffering common ailments including hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis no longer need suffer chronic pain.

Their mobility is improved and so is their quality of life. The treatment is drug-free, so there are apparently no side-effects.

Veterinarian Colin Sherry, from the Champion Lake Vet Centre, said the procedure had been conducted successfully on hundreds of animals across the world and that he would be offering the procedure to clients within weeks.

The treatment developed by Australian company Medivet, has already been taken to Canada, Europe and the United States and recently launched in the UK.

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