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Sibling cord blood to the rescue

Sibling cord blood to the rescue    Although Leyla’s brain injury was diagnosed before she was born, no-one told her parents about cord blood banking. But when her baby sister Ela was born in 2018, they not only collected her cord blood but also enrolled in a new trial at Duke University Medical Centre –…

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First ever cord blood recipient makes the delivery of a lifetime.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Twenty-nine years ago Matthew Farrow’s life was saved by his sister’s cord blood. Now he’s the one saving lives with cord blood. At 5 years old, his parents took him to Paris – the only place where they could find a doctor to reinfuse him with cord blood. Farrow, who suffered from a rare…

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Big gains after using cord blood for autism

Over 70% of children showed impressive improvements in autism symptoms and behaviours after re-infusion with their own stored cord blood. These results, from a Phase 1 trial at Duke University in North Carolina, have given hope to parents of children with autism, including one young Canadian boy. Click here to read the full study, published…

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Toddler uses cord blood to prevent diabetes

An Australian toddler is the youngest person in the world to receive an infusion of her own umbilical cord blood in the hope of preventing diabetes. Since her birth, doctors have routinely tested Lucy’s blood for an antibody indicating she was on the path to develop type-1 diabetes. When her sister Ava (now 7) was…

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Toddler talks after cord blood treatment

Childhood Apraxia Syndrome (CAS) was preventing Isabella’s speech development. Fortunately, her parents had banked her cord blood. Following a 10 minute procedure, her speech started improving rapidly.

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Cord blood saves baby after drowning

Summer is fast approaching… and sadly, drowning remains one of the leading causes of death for children. But one family’s decision to bank their daughters cord blood at birth gave her a second chance after drowning. After falling into her family swimming pool Sparrow Morris was without oxygen for 45 minutes, the outlook for one year…

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‘It’s cheaper than my TV and I never thought we’d use it’

Just hours after Bailey was born, her mother Rebecca noticed she was moving strangely. Despite initially being given the all clear, a brain scan was performed by the paediatric neurology team shortly after Bailey left hospital. The results showed that she had suffered a stroke in utero. The doctors believe that a piece of placenta had travelled through…

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Nathan’s life-changing cord blood treatment

Just like New Zealander Maia Friedlander, a little boy from Tucson, Arizona is seeing the incredible benefits of cord blood therapy. Nathan suffers from cerebral palsy, a condition caused by brain injury during birth that affects 1 in 278 children. It affects brain function, concentration and coordination – in Nathan’s case leaving him barely able…

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Kiwi cord blood success stories

Israeli toddler gets a second chance – thanks to Kiwi cord blood success story An Israeli toddler with a brain injury is now able to walk with a walker and wave her hand which had been previously paralyzed. After finding Kiwi child Maia Friedlanders story on the internet they realised their child’s stored cord blood…

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