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Keeping Shai’s memory alive

Keeping Shai’s memory alive


Frances Verter gave up a career at NASA to dedicate her life to telling expectant parents about the importance of cord blood banking.
When her daughter Shai was born, Frances did not know cord blood banking was an option and had no idea of how life-changing these stem cells could have been.
Tragically Shai was diagnosed with cancer as a toddler and died the day she was due to start school.
“I didn’t know saving her cord blood stem cells was an option when Shai was born, and I know they would have saved her” said Frances”. 
“Too many expectant parents are still not aware of the benefits of saving cord blood for the future.”
“When you’re having a baby it’s so easy to focus on what colour to paint the baby’s room and which pram to buy rather than stopping to think about the benefits of saving your child’s cord blood stem cells for the future.”
“My deepest wish is that expectant parents will come to understand how the millions of unique cord blood stem cells in your child’s cord blood could save your child’s life if you’ve banked them at birth”.



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