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Jazmyne van Gosliga: 6 weeks till our DD

6 weeks till our DD 🗓


I wanna chat about cord blood banking… It’s been super interesting the discourse around this topic in the last couple of days. I guess it’s like a lot of things with becoming a new parent or having another baby, you have to make the decision that is best for you and your family.


It’s interesting to negatively target ‘influencers’ because of an opinion or product that they have shared. I guess the beauty of Social Media is that it’s a jungle of opinions, but also a fantastic way for businesses to promote their products.


I am a Marketing Manager for a large hairdressing salon, and what works best for us to gain and retain our clientele is mainly through our social platforms. I also own a small skincare and accessories business, the same goes for that. I’m an Actress, and it has just become a part of the ‘job’. I am also an MUA and Hairdresser, and exactly the same there.


Most of my purchases in the last year are from other people sharing their experiences with them. Furniture, workout programs, cafes/restaurants/home delivery services, clothes, makeup, skincare, prams/cots/car seats/clothes/nappies, you name it. And as you would before investing in for example an expensive new skincare regimen, do your own research! 😊


If Cordbank works for you, then go for it! Just like, if you would prefer to have an Obstetrician? Or a Midwife? Or a hospital birth? Epidural? Waterbirth? Homebirth? Breastfeed? Formula? Safely co-sleep? Use cry-it-out? Dummy? No dummy?

…Let’s stop feeling guilty for making decisions that may not be the same as someone else’s!


I love being about to chat about MY experience with CordBank. My brother was the first homebirth CordBankNZ baby in 2002, then I used the service for my daughter in 2019, and will use it again for my second daughter.


It’s a privilege to be able to spread the word and use this platform to help make parents aware that cord blood banking is AN option in NZ with CordBank.


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