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Can umbilical cord blood help with early autism diagnosis?

  Researchers have discovered cord blood of new born babies might help doctors with the early diagnosis and intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)   As we know, many children with autism face challenges which affect their behaviour and development.   A study by a team at the University of California David MIND…

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Autistic youngsters helped by cord blood

We have the inside scoop from Duke University about a trial using cord blood infusions to improve the lives of very young autistic children. The Duke study wanted to find out if cord blood infusions were able to improve cognitive abilities in the children. Those tested received two infusions of cord blood in a six…

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Baby Jack rescued by life-changing cord blood

When he was born at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Jack was not breathing and was non-responsive.  Doctors whisked him away from his mother and started efforts to resuscitate him. They managed to save his life but soon had to deliver some bad news to his parents, Stephen Pankratz and Kim Kucher.  Their son had…

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