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Nathan’s life-changing cord blood treatment

Just like New Zealander Maia Friedlander, a little boy from Tucson, Arizona is seeing the incredible benefits of cord blood therapy.

Nathan suffers from cerebral palsy, a condition caused by brain injury during birth that affects 1 in 278 children. It affects brain function, concentration and coordination – in Nathan’s case leaving him barely able to roll over.

Fortunately, when Nathan was born, his mother Cherie decided to bank his cord blood. Then, late last year he qualified for an FDA trial for the treatment of cerebral palsy with cord blood, something his mother Cherie compares to winning the lottery.

His treatment was a simple reinfusion of his own cord blood stem cells, the same treatment that Kiwi Maia received four years ago.

Now his mother is noticing changes in Nathan that she can only describe as ‘magic’. To see Nathans amazing progress, watch the video here.

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