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Want to add years to your life? Do more housework..

Everyone knows that being active adds years to your life. But who knew that house cleaning counted?  

A new study, involving 130,000 men and women showed that the participants who were healthiest and lived the longest were active for about 30 minutes most days, but they weren’t necessarily “working out.” In fact, the most common ways they kept active involved on-the-job duties and housework.

 “Overall, the more activity a person did, the lower their risk of mortality and cardiovascular disease,” says Scott Lear, the study’s lead author. Even though the amount of activity it takes to potentially live longer isn’t all that much, most people aren’t doing it, according to the World Health Organization.

Now, when you’re faced with mountains of mess (just when you thought you’d finished tidying up) you can take heart in knowing you’re getting a tidy house and a longer life too.


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