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Success Stories

Learn why parents chose to bank their child’s cord blood with CordBank. See our success stories, and a have a look at our beautiful CordBank family gallery of some of the babies who have their blood banked with us.

stage four Neuroblastoma

Frances, Age 4

At just four years old, Auckland local Frances was diagnosed with a stage four Neuroblastoma (a cancer of the nervous system.) Her parents were told to take her home to die. But armed with Frances’ cord blood they fought back and their daughter survived.

View Frances’ uplifting story of how courage and cord blood beat cancer.

oxygen deprivation at birth

Maia Friedlander

In 2002, Auckland parents Daniel and Jillian Friedlander were blessed with beautiful twin girls Maia and Arielle. Life couldn’t have been better.

That was until Maia failed to meet the usual developmental milestones.

Maia had suffered oxygen deprivation at birth which left her “disconnected” and developmentally delayed. Thankfully they had banked both girls cord blood with CordBank – just in case.

That simple decision was life-changing. Her parents call it the “best decision we ever made.”

A reinfusion of Maia’s cord blood cells took place in August 2008 — making her the first New Zealand and 50th child to undergo the process at Duke University in the US.

A year later, the family is thrilled with Maia’s continued progress. “We couldn’t be more grateful for the dramatic change it has made to our lives and want to make sure other families save their baby’s cord blood at birth.”

“We are very fortunate to have both our children’s cord blood stored. This was important to us as we wanted to be able to give our children the very best life we could. While we have two happy, healthy kiddies, no one knows what the future holds but we live each day with peace of mind that we have done what we could to ensure many more years as a happy healthy family. Thanks CordBank!”

-Rochelle & John, Papamoa

“We banked all 3 of our children’s stem cells — just in case! Who knows what the future holds both for our children and for future stem cell research. Hopefully we will never have to use them but I’m sure we will be very glad to have them if we ever need them!”

–Julie, New Plymouth

“We felt that the future of stem cell research would mean more options for our child’s health. We want to provide the best chances for a long and happy life that a parent can give.”

–Nick, Auckland

“We banked our baby’s cord cells as we appreciated that it could only be done at birth, if we didn’t do it then and we needed them it would be too late. We already pay insurance for just about everything else, and our children’s lives are priceless compared to all those things.”

–Elaine, Queenstown

“We banked as an insurance policy against the unforeseen.  I hope, like all insurance, we never have to use it, but it’s a comfort to know it’s there.”

–Vicki, Christchurch

“I have chosen to bank my child’s cord blood because as a seventeen year old I had a benign tumour removed from my neck. I hope as a family we never have to uplift her cord blood.”

–Julie, Christchurch

“We decided to bank our son’s cord blood in case he ever got sick because we wouldn’t be able to forgive ourselves if there was something we could have done to help him.”

–Jackie & Mark, Auckland

“I would say, why wouldn’t you bank cord blood? With today’s knowledge and all the new things doctors can help sick kids with I wish we had done it for all my four babies.”

–Jennifer, Rolleston

“We banked our sons cord blood as insurance should the unthinkable happen. As with all insurance so much the better if you don’t need to call on it but it helps to give peace of mind.”

–Kay, Christchurch

“We banked Connor’s cord blood because of our family history of cancer and heart disease. We want the very best for her and therefore it was an easy decision to do it. With medical marvels happening every day, we wanted to give her the best chance at life.”

–Bonnie, Wellington


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