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Parents see NZ as safe haven for cord blood banking

Since New Zealand was named the safest country in the world by the international Global Peace Index (GPI) in June, calls from expectant parents in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US have risen dramatically.

“We’ve had emails and calls from families in Denmark, Qatar, Singapore and Malaysia who have decided that whilst they will give birth locally, they want to have their baby’s cord blood stored in New Zealand,” says Kate Carter, CordBank NZ’s Director of Customer Services.

“These parents recognise that New Zealand is free from political unrest and is renowned for its peaceful way of life making it an attractive place to store their child’s cord blood now – knowing it will be safe into the future. They want peace of mind and to be confident that their child’s cord blood won’t be compromised by national, economic or social conflict.”

Carter said that as there is a 32 hour ”window” between the collection of cord blood at birth and its processing at CordBank in Auckland, “we can pick it up from almost anywhere within that time frame.”

To arrange to have your newborn’s cord blood stored in the safest country in the world email CordBank New Zealand at [email protected] or phone CordBank on +64 9 302 9511.


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