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Maia’s story raises $65,000 for medical research in NZ

Over $65,000 will be invested in research into regenerative and stem cell medicine in New Zealand – thanks to Maia Friedlander and her family.

The unique fundraiser was sponsored by The Friedlander Foundation. Daniel & Jillian Friedlander are the parents of Auckland girl Maia, who was the first New Zealand to benefit from a reinfusion of her own cord blood – after she suffered a brain injury at birth.

Inspired by the progress Maia has made since her treatment in 2008, the Friedlander family wanted to see more research carried out in this area in New Zealand and partnered with the Auckland Medical Research Foundation to achieve this goal.

 “We were very proud to partner with the AMFR by supporting this fundraising effort which will help New Zealand researchers learn more about how to harness the potential of cord blood stem cells in regenerative medicine.

It’s an area very close to our hearts and we give thanks every day that we had the foresight to bank Maia’s cord blood at birth.

Banking Maia’s cord blood at birth with CordBank is the best decision we ever made. Her recovery since her reinfusion has been nothing short of miraculous and essentially it gave us our daughter back – we now have a real, active family – and who could ask for more than that!” said Jillian.

To view Maia’s story, click here

100% of the funds will be going to support the work of researchers in New Zealand – and we look forward to hearing about the exciting progress they make with this support. To learn more about the invaluable work that the AMRF carries out, click here


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