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Gravity Bag Collection Training

Gravity Bag Collection Training

It is a regulatory requirement that all collectors of cord blood be trained in the gravity bag collection process. It is essential that you view the training material and complete the confirmation form for compliance purposes. The gravity bag system has a number of advantages over the previous syringe method which include:
  1. The anti-coagulant is already present in the collection bag rather than having to be added manually
  2. The collection system is closed which further protects the cord blood from any contamination
  3. The amount of cord blood collected is increased as gravity is used to draw it from the umbilical cord
Log-in here to complete and confirm your training in the new gravity bag cord blood collection method. It’s free to train and you will receive $205 incl GST for each collection you do. If you are not GST registered, your payment will be $178.26 for each collection you do. Don’t have a user name or want more information? Contact CordBank New Zealand for more information.  

Feedback from LMC’s

Thanks for the opportunity to refresh the procedure. It is such a straightforward process now and the video is very clear. -Catherine Rietveld – Midwife   Very clear and easy to read manual. I have copied it on my PC hard drive for future reference. Video also copied on hard drive – very clear instructions. Easy to go back to sections if not sure. -Dr Edward Williams

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