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Why Saving Cord Blood for Every Child Matters

Why Saving Cord Blood for Every Child Matters

As a nurse at a hospital in Arizona, Rachel Fryar first learned about the benefits of cord blood banking at work. When she and her husband, Colby, became pregnant with their first son, Jacob, they banked for the same reasons many families do – to be prepared because you just never know.

By the time the couple was expecting their second child, however, Rachel was on the fence about banking again. “I thought that saving Jacob’s stem cells would be enough, if we should ever need them for the family,” she says. But her husband was determined to save for every child.

Luke Fryar was born March 29, 2008, without complication, but at 7 months, when other babies his age were able to sit up and flatten their palms to crawl, Luke was showing signs that his right side was impaired and his pediatrician recognized the symptoms of cerebral palsy. Click here to find out how his cord blood changed his life.

ali and casey williamsAli & Casey Williams to join the CordBank family

Following a fabulous, celebrity-filled wedding in Queenstown at the end of 2011, Casey & Ali Williams are now excitedly awaiting the arrival of their first baby.
Due in April, Casey was positively blooming when we recently caught up with the couple to chat about their exciting news.
Ali, World Cup winning lock, 77-Test veteran and captain of the Blues, said he was “looking forward to embracing a new challenge – fatherhood”, whilst Casey said “I just know he’s going to be a great dad!”

Casey added, “We are excited about banking the cord blood for our baby. We know a couple of families that have done it and to us it made perfect sense – it’s something every parent should consider.”

Scientists create stem cell contact lens

Researchers have found a better and a cheaper way to restore human sight by implanting a contact lens containing stem cells that will repair the human cornea.
Scientists from the University of Sheffield in the UK, hope that the biodegradable implant disc’s stem cells will multiply in the eye, thus rebuilding the transparent layer on the front of the eye, known as the cornea, the degradation of which is one of the major causes of blindness in the world, a study published in Acta Biomaterialia journal revealed. Click here to read more.

Refer A Friend and get free annual storage

Every time you refer a friend who registers to have their baby’s cord blood collected, you will both receive one year’s free storage!
Click here to refer a friend.
(Your friend or family member must be pregnant in order to be eligible).

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Another baby on the way?

If you have another baby on the way, don’t forget we offer a sibling discount of $200 when you register and you can still spread the payments over 6 or 12 months interest-free!

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