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Cord blood banking – the natural choice for eco-conscious NZ parents

From choosing re-usable nappies to wooden toys, today’s expectant parents are conscious of the need to protect their baby’s health while they also look after the environment.

“Environmentally-aware parents are telling us they want to provide their newborns with the natural protection provided by banking cord blood at birth”.

“It’s a simple and sustainable way to save these precious cord blood stem cells that would otherwise be discarded as medical waste,” says Kate Carter, Director of Customer Services at CordBank NZ.

“The millions of stem cells present in cord blood provide a chemical free, totally naturally medicine that’s also an exact DNA match for your child.”

Cord blood stem cells have been used to successfully rebuild childrens’ immune systems destroyed after cancer treatment for the past 34 years. Many doctors now regard cord blood stems cells as a better transplant source than bone marrow.

“The effectiveness of cord blood stem cells in thousands of medical treatments demonstrates the power our bodies have to heal and maintain themselves,” said Carter.

Unlike embryonic stem cells, cord blood stem cells are non-controversial and can only be collected at birth. CordBank NZ provides its service to parents around New Zealand and internationally.

With a 2008 study confirming that the chances of needing a stem cell transplant are 1 in 200 over a child’s lifetime , eco-conscious parents who bank their childrens’ cord blood are providing a non-invasive, totally natural future health option for their children.

New studies show that a child’s own cord blood stem cells can also play a vital role in treating childhood diabetes and regenerating damaged brain tissue. Two New Zealand children recently used their own stored cord blood successfully after cancer treatment and for a brain injury.

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