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Cord Bank Mentioned In Woman’s Weekly

The June 18, 2008 issue of Woman’s Weekly featured a story on Jeff, Adine, and their new son Harper. After some complications with low blood plates, Adine delivered a very healthy Harper by c-section — and the trio couldn’t be happier.

Prior to Harper’s birth, Jeff and Adine made the decision to bank his blood with us to ensure a healthier future for their son. And we were mentioned in this wonderful article about these glowing new parents.

Jeff and Adine made the decision to bank Harper’s cord blood with CordBank – an increasingly popular procedure where the blood from the umbilical cord is extracted at birth and kept in a “bank” to be accessed in case one of several disorders develops later in life. They say given their recent drama, it’s an insurance policy they wouldn’t be without.

“The potential in how doctors will use cord blood in the future is huge,” explains Jeff. “We hope we’ll never need it, of course, but it’s an amazing thing you can do for your child.”

Click here to read a PDF of the article in Women’s Weekly.


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