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“Why we banked our son’s cord blood”

Congratulations to our March promotion winners – Kylie and Tristan Dean and their beautiful new addition to the family, baby Boston. They entered the ‘register by 31 March’ draw and won the full $5,000 worth of registration, processing and storage:
We banked Boston’s cord blood because we wanted to do everything possible to ensure Boston’s good health in the future.
We found the whole process with CordBank incredibly efficient and everyone we dealt with was very helpful and friendly. The kit arrived and our only concern was if we forgot to take it to the hospital with us (which luckily we didn’t!). Apart from remembering to take the kit to the hospital, and talking to our midwife about it, we didn’t have to do anything!
For parents trying to decide about using CordBank, we’d suggest they do their own research – there’s a lot of information out there. However, at the end of the day, I think the short term pain of parting with some cash is outweighed by knowing you’ve done everything possible to ensure the health of your child in the future.
We were really excited about winning the competition and the money that we got refunded is going towards a family holiday in Fiji later this year, which we are really looking forward to. The whole process (including winning!) has been really positive and your customer service has been absolutely spot on.

Kylie and Tristan Dean


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