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New cord blood trial for spinal injury

New cord blood trial for spinal injury    A clinical trial, using cord blood, lithium and physical therapy to treat the most severe forms of spinal cord injury has been given the green light from the FDA. The experimental treatment does not cure paralysis but is the first to help people with complete chronic spinal…

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Why save your baby’s cord blood with CordBank

      Why Buyanna saved her baby’s cord blood… “We decided to store our daughter’s cord blood as an insurance policy against the unexpected in life, and who knows it might even help us with science developing further!”   Learn why saving your baby’s cord blood could save your baby’s life  

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Blood test to predict preterm birth?

  New results from a multicenter study show that proteins found in first-trimester blood samples may provide important clues about the risk of spontaneous preterm birth.    

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Can cord blood help cleft palate?

    This new technique, using cord blood stem cells, is being performed in Colombia as part of reconstructive surgery when the child is a few months old. It’s already showing good results in growing new bone, potentially avoiding the need for later bone graft surgery. A case report, written by  Dr Alejandro Garcia Botero, MD,…

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