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June/July 2009

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Cord Blood To Help Repair Children’s Heart Defects

Stem cells from umbilical cord blood may provide the raw material to repair the hearts of thousands of babies born each year with defective heart valves, according to data presented at the recent American Heart Association annual meeting.

Cord Blood Mary Repair Hearing Loss

Hearing loss due to cochlear damage may be repaired by transplanting cord blood stem cells according to new research from Italy published in the journal Cell Transplantation. The work shows that a small number of cells can migrate to the damaged cochlea and repair sensory hair cells and neurons.

Maia’s a “Little Treasure”

Cord blood banking has been in the spotlight once again with a three page feature in the June/July edition of Little Treasures magazine. The story focuses on Maia Friedlander’s treatment using her own cord blood for a brain injury sustained at birth and the amazing progress she has made and continues to make on a daily basis.

Why We Banked Our Sons Cord Blood

Congratulations to our March promotion winners – Kylie and Tristan Dean and their beautiful new addition to the family, baby Boston. They entered the ‘register by 31 March’ draw and won the full $5,000 worth of registration, processing and storage:
We banked Boston’s cord blood because we wanted to do everything possible to ensure Boston’s good health in the future.

Ex Pat New Zealanders Chose To Bank in NZ

When Danielle, now living in Singapore with her family, was due to deliver her second baby she was certain of one thing – she wanted her baby’s cord blood stored with CordBank in New Zealand.

A Very Small Price To Pay

In an article published recently in the Sunday Star-Times, a New Zealand doctor questioned the likelihood of the use and value of cord blood banking. In response, the parents of the child successfully treated with her own cord blood for a neuroblastoma, wrote to the paper to express their concern at the inaccurate information published.


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