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Keeping Shai’s memory alive

Keeping Shai’s memory alive

During a recent visit to New Zealand, global cord blood banking advocate and founder of the independent Parents Guide to Cord Blood Banking, Dr Frances Verter shared her concern that too many expectant parents in New Zealand are still not aware of the benefits of saving cord blood for future medical use.

“It’s a reality that people who are caught up in having babies are thinking about strollers and what colour to make the nursery and they haven’t stopped to think I should save my child’s cord blood.”

“But parents who have banked can explain that there are millions of stem cells with unique properties in the umbilical cord of their newborn and that it’s very easy to collect them – without disrupting the birth process or harming the mother or the child.”

Frances said in the US, many states have passed laws requiring doctors to inform expectant parents about their cord blood banking options.

“Here in NZ I understand that expectant parents have a right to this information under your “Code of Patient Rights” – although sadly, it appears that not everyone is being provided with balanced or up to date information.”

“This needs to change.” says Verter.

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